for voice, acoustic guitar, keyboards and drums
Arranged together with Mikoo

Solbakken                 05:49
Wind and Stone      08:08   
Leter Etter Song      01:30     
Nerozhodný Intro    01:43     
Nerozhodný              05:04     
Leter Etter Duo        02:32    
Loss                            01:39         
The Same Human   04:01
3/5                              07:41
The Guest                 05:38 

All tracks composed by Michaela Antalová except 3/5 composed by Fredrik Rasten.
All tracks arranged by Ina Sagstuen, Fredrik Rasten, Vojtěch Procházka and Michaela Antalová.

With music that is contemplative, experimental, and expressive, Mikoo create their own genre of indie-jazz songcraft. They utilize the experimental to enhance, detail and move their songs forward, rather than simply have experimentation as an end in itself. The lyrics are somewhat off-the-wall, imbued with a dark absurdism, yet are filled with poignancy. From song to song, the moods shift along with the instrumentation, taking us through misty soundscapes one moment, then into off-kilter modern jazz, then into a world where folk sensibilities chart their course through an archipelago of avant garde, expressionist and experimental islands. Thematically, both the lyrics and music deal with the loss of loved ones. While there are some moments that approach a darkly whimsical and barely contained hysteria, as though the whole song could explode at any moment, there are also siren songs to both haunt and comfort the restless imagination.

In memory of Martin Mutňanský,
album is dedicated to all who missed closed persons.

Recorded by Ståle Jóhann Fossheim on February 27, 2019 in Sofienberg kirke in Oslo
Mixed and mastered by Federsel in January - May 2020 in Praha
Cover art by Simen Engen Larsen

Thanks to grandmother and grandfather of Michaela for financial support.

Released October 23, 2020 on Jazzland Records.
CD/LP can be purchased directly from me (write me an e-mail) or from Hevhetia here!