for 4 drumkits
48 min

Four drummers, four drumkits. For this 48 minutes long work, drummers Michaela Antalová, Chris Corsano, Anja Jacobsen and Øyvind Skarbø spent a week together in Slovakia developing a piece that draws on the creative synergies, and tensions, that exist within a group of four individual musical personalities. With the only condition that they create a new piece for four drummers playing four drumkits, the four composed a piece that captures the energy of an improv set, yet has the structure of a composition. Weaving rhythmic and melodic elements throughout it’s a piece that can only be played by eight arms. Each drummer brings to the group a background in innovative drum experimentation, as well as experience in different shadowy corners of the drumming world from new percussion music, to free improv, jazz drumming to experimental collectives.

Commissioned by Borealis festival.
Premiered March 2017.