Kolize Galaxií
[Collision of Galaxies]
for clarinet, violin, viola da gamba and double-bass
11 min

Inspired by Pavla Sceránková's sculpture "Kolize Galaxií II," this composition comes to life as a musical reflection of the artwork's essence and impact. I was captivated by the authenticity and sense of play present in Pavla’s work – in her oeuvre in general, and in her manner of thinking when making art. I tried to reflect the interactivity present in Collision of Galaxies in the composition of the music – mirroring the object’s rotation in sections 2 and 4. The minute porcelain details, in turn, inspired the melody that opens and closes the piece – gentle and detailed. I kept thinking about how to achieve such an experience for the spectator/listener in the audio world, so I closed my eyes, imagined Pavla’s object, put on my imaginary headphones and listened. My aim was a symbiosis between the object and the sound.

Comissioned by Prague Quite Music Collective.
Premiered December 9, 2022 at The Stone Bell House, Prague City Gallery, Czech republic by Prague Quite Collective.

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all photos: Karel Šuster