nethuns: music for 14-piece ensemble
for violin, flute, alt sax, baryton sax, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, harp, gitar, piano, double bass, drums, percussion
39 min

Nethuns is the name for the God of all waters in Etruscan mythology. Dedicated to the ocean, this forty minute conducted composition is founded on long and percussive shapes that gradually merge and overlap, creating polyphonic layers throughout its narrative. 

This composition was written in a way so musicians can fully focus on listening. Conductor, Magnus Murphy Joelson on this recording, has a full overview over the form and he is switching on and off each musician who is a part of a several smaller groups within the ensemble. Each musician has a music score that shows only notes and bars needed for each one. No counting of bars! 

Nethuns was OJKOS’ first piece ever performed as a full-length concert. OJKOS is a Norwegian orchestra whose repertoire is rebuilt every month with new scores from its members. Nethuns was created in 2018 as a commission during Michaela’s tenure with OJKOS. The orchestra gets its name from the old Greek word οἶκος, meaning family, creating a community of performing composers.

Premiered January 29, 2019 at Victoria Nasjonal jazzscene, Oslo, Norway.
Released March 13, 2020 on Dugnad Records.
CD can be purchased directly from me (write me an e-mail) or from Dugnad Recrods here!